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Agent Orange (AAAAA)

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Agent Orange is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a ratio of 75% Sativa / 25% Indica. It contains a THC level of about 25%. Agent Orange is a strain made by combining Jack the Ripper as well as Orange Velvet.

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    When weed lovers describe a strain of weed with the capabilities of uplifting, motivating and enhancing one’s mood while intoxicating with its incredible flavors, they are describing Agent Orange strain of marijuana. TGA Genetics created the strain as a Sativa hybrid by breeding orange Velvet and Jack the Ripper strains to produce a loud flavored and stimulating strain of weed. Its appearance of a bud with orange pistils and white and green hairs makes it stand out together with its orange and citrus smell. The strain contains THC content of 10 to 19 percent, cannabinoids, and terpenes, which make it a therapeutic and robust weed that offer medical benefits, positive effects while also bringing about negative consequences.

    Agent Orange strains provide medical benefits. One area that it helps is treating pain. For most individuals suffering from pain due to conditions such as nerve pain, sclerosis, and migraines among others, it acts as brain receptors that regulate and control pain thereby relieving pain. Two, the strain treats depression by facilitating the normal functioning of the endocannabinoid part of the body that governs people’s mood and emotions enhancing it to work efficiently and stabilizing one’s mood. Three, it relieves stress through THC facilitating the increased production of serotonin hormone, which stimulates feelings of happiness and wellbeing thereby keeping stress at bay. Four, it combats insomnia by its high acting as a sedative that soothes one into a peaceful sleep. Five it relieves one from fatigue as its sativa properties induce energy boost and focus, keeping one alert and going on with their activities without feeling lethargic or tired.

    The Agent Orange strain predisposes its users to positive effects. First, it creates a euphoria by causing a buzz in the body that makes one giggly, happy, contented and relaxed. Second, it makes a user feel uplifted. The high produced when one smokes or ingests this strain results in the production of the dopamine hormone that makes a person feel good, happy and peaceful. Third, it relaxes a user by THC influencing the activities of the endocannabinoid part of the body and enabling it to remove tension from the body, slow down the brain and clear it. Fourth, a user becomes energetic with its use as the high cannabinoids in it give the body an energy kick that provides the body with a new life. Five, it also makes one happy by melting away worry, troubles and inciting a good laugh, giggles, and a mental high that makes one happy.

    The strain also elicits negative consequences. One, it causes a user’s mouth to become dry by the high HTC content binding receptors in the salivary glands causing them to malfunction and in the end prevent the production of saliva. Two, it elicits the drying of eyes due to lack of production of tears as a result of the interrupted functioning of eye receptors. Three, it causes users to become anxious by affecting the normal operation of the amygdala part of the brain that detects and reacts to fear and magnifying it thereby creating worry and tension. Four, it causes headaches by eliciting the expansion of blood vessels in the brain and a reduction in blood flow instituting blood deficiency thereby headaches. Also, smoking this strain makes some users feel dizzy as its use lowers blood pressure and flow of blood to the brain causing a dizzy feeling.

    In conclusion, the Agent Orange strain is an excellent variety of weed whose balanced hybrid, medical and positive effects make it an excellent choice for weed users. However, one should be careful to avoid its negative consequences.


emoticonsking - 22/06/2018

Agent Orange was 50/50 a cannabis and a hybrid for my taste. It acts more like an energizer, with a hint of high feeling in the beginning. I am not quite sure about his pain killing abilities, but it definitely lifts up one's mood and your appetite grows. At first, you see the world in much brighter colors, then it takes you on a road trip, place by place. You feel everything cuz it is so heightened, every sense, every smell, the taste is like you are about to eat it all up. You are giving into the bliss, sweet oblivion. Its odor reminds me of a homemade orange peel or citrus essential oil. This orange/lemon taste never leave you until the last hits. I`d recommend AO for a tasteful, joyful, relaxing and blissful feelings, like an attraction:)

Jack - 22/06/2018

This one will take you to the stars and back, will wake you up and suck you in. You will feel its strong orange flavor which will remind you of a great, calm evening, give you the best high mood and a definite euphoria in mind.

Dennis P. - 22/06/2018

Definitely my kind of cannabis! Having a bad mood - take it. In my experience, it gives you warm, wide feeling of euphoria. Great high!

An Actual Lawyer - 22/06/2018

This is too cool to be true, but yes, it is. This flower gives you an entire peace and bliss. And arousal that you feel is adding a bonus to that.

FunnyOne - 22/06/2018

A classic high that hits hard and has a combination of euphoric/relaxed feeling after you taste it. I felt happy and relaxed, took my mind off things that bothered. It is not energy draining, which will make you feel a comfortable aftertaste.

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