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AK-47 is a marijuana combination of four strains - Afghani, Mexican, Thai, as well as Colombian strains. This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain at 65% Sativa / 35% Indica with 13% to 20% THC, 1% CBD, and 1% CBN.

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The AK-47 strain of marijuana is a hybrid strain colored dark yellowish and green. Despite its aggressive name, the AK-47 strain of marijuana is one of the best in the world, providing a relaxing and mellow feeling that leaves one enjoying its effects for a while. The strain came into existence in 1992 after Serious Seeds from the Netherlands created it by blending Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani weed varieties bringing out a strain with numerous flavors and effects. The strain’s high content of THC has seen it win many Cannabis Cup prices worldwide. It boasts of a short flowering period of 53 to 63 days, easiness to grow and its herbal, sage and earthy lemon flavors. The strain provides various medical and positive benefits while also attracting adverse effects. 

The AK-47 strain has numerous medical benefits. First, it relieves stress by altering the mind’s neurotransmitters and offering a tender feeling and relaxation properties that leave a user uplifted and happy. Second, it treats depression through the THC component in the strain activating the receptors in the brain that control emotions and behavior, instilling happiness, relaxation and reducing anxiety. Third, the strain relieves pain. When a user ingests it, the high levels of THC influences the working of endocannabinoid system that among others prevents pain by providing anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Fourth, the strain relieves headaches and fatigue. Its euphoric effect relieves headaches, while its strong sativa properties reenergize a user, making them relax.

The AK-47 cannabis brings about positive benefits. One, it relaxes an individual by eliciting feelings of happiness, peace, and relaxation that aid the mind to clear its clutter and the release of tension in the body, thereby making a user relaxed. Two, the strain boosts creativity by producing symptoms after its usage that enable one to connect different concepts and think divergently thus, becoming more creative. Three, the strain creates a euphoric state when smoked or ingested whereby, the THC enters the bloodstream and creates a buzz that brings about happiness, giggles and a sense of well-being. Four, it makes one happy. When one uses it, the THC in the strain causes the reward circuit in the brain to produce more dopamine hormone, making one feel good and happy. Additionally, it uplifts one by creating a lasting buzz that eliminates negative feelings and instead provides delight, joy, and alertness.  

The AK-47 strain of marijuana also brings about negative effects.  The most common side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes. The two occurs when a user of the AK-47 strain consumes high amounts of it, leading to an elevated concentration of HTC in the body. The HTC blocks the saliva glands making them fail to produce saliva thereby leading to a dry mouth. Also, the high quantity of HTC blocks the tear glands in the eyes resulting in dry eyes. Headaches are frequent with the usage of this strain. The headaches occur when a user increasingly smokes this type of weed and holds in the smoke for a while. Consequently, it becomes an irritant to the head inducing headaches. Additionally, the AK-47 strain causes anxiety. The THC present in it binds receptors in the brain causing the inhibiting of activities of the norepinephrine neurotransmitter that calms people down. Consequently, it leads to heightening the heart rate and the release of cortisol causing anxiety. Moreover, the strain causes dizziness by lowering a user’s blood pressure.

In conclusion, the AK- 47 strain is a high-quality strain of marijuana that delivers a long-lasting buzz for the user, provides medical benefits, positive effects, as well as, negative side effects.


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