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Autoflowering Seeds

There are many varieties of autoflowering marijuana seeds in Canada, and many of them are available from our shop. These are seeds which have not been tampered with or changed in any way, and so act like normal seeds would.

Ordering your high quality cannabis seeds from our site is a simple process. Everything is clearly labelled and described, to make it as easy as possible for people to find their own particular seeds that they want. To order, simply choose what you want and add it to the online basket which appears in the site proper. Make sure that you order everything you need, and that you look through all the varieties of cheap autoflowering cannabis seeds that we have available; you never know what you might find which will make your grow even better than it was before.

We pride ourselves on offering cheap seeds to anybody who wants them, and in any variety. Payment reflects this. To make things easier for people, we also support a variety of payment methods, allowing them to choose whichever one suits them best. To pay for your order, start the check out process, and begin to fill in all the details which will be required, such as your personal details, your invoice details (where the invoice should be sent, if it is different from the final delivery point), and finally, the delivery details.

We pack our seeds so that they remain undamaged, barring any unforeseen circumstances. 

Shipping is always kept discreet, because not everyone likes people to know what they are buying – particularly when marijuana is involved. It really depends on where you are versus the mail order warehouse we operate out of at the time, on how long and how much.

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