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BC Kush (AAAA)

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Pure 100% Indica cannabis strain, BC Kush is a cross between two award-winning strains – Kush and BC Grapefruit strains. BC Kush has a moderate THC level of 15% to 20% up to 27%, making it one of the most potent strains.

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BC Kush is a hybrid strain of cannabis which was perfected by people from British Columbia. This strain is indica dominant rather than sativa, meaning that it is more useful to patients and recreational users who want a high which will help to relax and be calm, rather than one which will give them energy and wake them up. BC Kush is originally from Afghanistan, where it grows to about medium height, with strong branches for the buds and flowers. The buds and flowers are very resinous, and come with a strong and pungent smell. The BC Kush strain is known for being easy to grow, although the smell can mean that indoor growing is next to impossible without proper ventilation. The smell also contributes to contamination, meaning that transportation should involve a minimum of two plastic bags. Inside growing conditions are obviously affected by the rig which the grower has; outdoor growing in optimum conditions will see the plant ready for harvesting by the end of September. 

Since this hybrid strain is indica dominant, it is therefore useful for people who need to use marijuana in order to relax. People with insomnia and various anxiety related conditions will therefore benefit from its use, as will people who suffer from chronic and short-term pain, such as people who have muscle spasms, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, migraines, headaches, eating disorders, fibromyalgia, and many similar conditions. This hybrid is useful for people who may not want full indica marijuana highs.


Mr.Blaze - 26/02/2019

Actually I found it somewhat an evening weed. Calms me down, feel like on indica / cbd side. Quality is amazing though.

Simon - 30/05/2018

BC classic! Pretty laughable and happy, keeps you kind of energetic though for an Indica. its 4.5 out of 5 for me!

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