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Bubble Gum (AAAA)

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Bubble Gum weed strain is Indica dominant at a ratio of 80% Indica / 20% Sativa. Its THC content is moderately average at 15% to 19%. Bubble Gum is a cross between an unidentified Indica strain as well as Indiana Bubblegum.

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80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Widely known for its sweet bubblegum smell and euphoric high, bubble gum strain is an award-winning Indica hybrid, which won the 1994, 1995 and 1999 Cannabis Cup. Indiana growers first developed the strain in the early 1970s before its genetics moved to New TH Seeds in England and finally Holland before establishing a stable strain whose powerful high lifts a user’s mood and causes happiness. The bud, green in color with orange pistils grows up to about 160 centimeters within fifty-five to sixty days. It produces unique blends of flavors such as berries, flowery notes, and earthiness, ideal for use during the evening. The strain carries a lot of qualities that provide medical benefits, positive effects while also introducing negative effects. 

The bubble gum strain presents various medical benefits. It is useful in regulating stress by acting as a powerful relaxation product that eases one’s feelings, calms one down and boosts mood. It alleviates depression by stimulating the endocannabinoid system that regulates stress, hunger, and sleep by enhancing its performance, therefore, lowering levels of depressive tendencies and inducing bursts of giggle and happiness. The strain treats pain by inducing pain modulation properties from THC that enables the body to soothe the pain. It relieves insomnia by producing a high that leaves one firmly fixed on the couch with the THC content soothing one and regulating breathing, helping one fall into a peaceful sleep. Also, it treats lack of appetite by stimulating the system in the body that causes our brains to want food thus, developing an appetite and reducing the effect of feeling full. 

Positive effects come about with smoking and ingesting bubble gum strain. First, it makes one hungry by triggering the production of the hunger hormone that causes an upsurge in appetite making one sit and continuously eat. Second, it makes one happy by eliminating the negative feeling that one may be harboring, pushing one in a stress-free state and stimulating the right frontal lobe of the brain that induces happiness, laughter, and joy. Third, it instills euphoria by creating a buzz that makes one feel relaxed, float in the atmosphere, calm down and be stress-free. Fourth, it relaxes its users by eliciting a full-body high that relieves the body off stressors and pressures while invigorating the mind eliminating thoughts and worries. Fifth, it uplifts individuals by facilitating the production of additional feel-good hormone that puts one in a positive state of mind and instigates giggles.

The bubble gum strain elicits negative outcomes. First, it causes dry mouth through the failure of glands to work correctly due to the cannabinoid properties present in the strain interacting with receptors in the mouth and altering them. Consequently, the body is unable to transmit nerve impulses to the glands causing the lack of saliva. Second, dry eyes occasion with this strain as HTC causes a disturbance of the functioning of receptors in the eyes by binding them hence, eye glands failing to produce tears. Third, it causes dizziness by lowering the pressure of the blood in the brain subsequently, creating a deficiency that causes dizziness. Fourth, it causes anxiousness by stimulating the amygdala part of the brain that governs fear and magnifying its work thereby bring to the surface a person’s fears and worries. Fifth, it causes paranoia by HTC binding receptors of the amygdala that processes fears and stress and worsening the responses causing worry and fear thus paranoia. 

In conclusion, the bubble gum strain presents medical benefits and positive effects to its users, making it vital for use while its adverse effects caution its use in minimal quantities.


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