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Chernobyl, a Sativa-dominant strain of 80% Sativa / 20% Indica, has a THC level that ranges anywhere between 16% and 22%. It’s a combination of Jack the Ripper strain and the offspring of Trinity and Trainwreck strains.

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Chernobyl weed is a hybrid that is sativa dominant characterized by a distinct lime sherbet with slight earthy and pungent smell. It is best known for its happy and stress alleviation effect. This strain is a creation of TGA genetics resulting from crossing Trinity and Trainwreck strains with pollination of ‘Jack the Ripper’ and this strong lineage gives Chernobyl its characteristic effects. Chernobyl strain has an earthy and pungent taste as well spicy and herbal flavor, its citric flavor floods the mouth upon inhalation and hints of lemon and cherry sweetness are left on the tongue. The after taste of using Chernobyl is a strong deep weedy taste. This weed strain has a beautiful flower covered with fluffy trichomes and hairs orange in color. The green buds appears tight and sticky due to resin.

Upon smoking Chernobyl weed, the smoker goes through the feelings of happiness and this is the most outstanding effect experienced by Chernobyl users. Smokers also experience feelings of euphoria and feel uplifted after smoking making this weed effective for someone feeling stressed and anxious. The happy, euphoric and relaxing effects of Chernobyl make it a good weed to be smoked during parties and fun times for both night and day use. It is very effective when smoked in the morning for a user looking to have an awakened mind since it offers a sense of concentration thus one can undertake their daily routines with a focused mind. Additionally, Chernobyl has been attributed to relaxing and energetic effects making it very good for a user undertaking physically and mentally strenuous activities as well as activities demanding use of creativity.

Weed also commonly referred to as marijuana has been found to have a number of medical purposes especially in relieving pain and stress related symptoms. Chernobyl strain does well on these purposes and has been preferred by medical practitioners for a number of reasons. First, people suffering from chronic pains from conditions such as migraine and arthritis have found this weed strain to be great in taking away this pain. Secondly, Chernobyl weed strain is effectual in reducing symptoms of mental illness, depressions and stress and it is thus useful for AD disorders, PTSD due to its relaxing and happy effect and it promotes concentration thus subside effects of anxiety. Addedly, for a smoker with fatigue problems from hard work can take advantage of this sativa dominant strain because it is great in making one feel relaxed and energetic. Chernobyl is efficacious in reducing effects of nausea thus alleviating lack of appetite for those suffering from anorexia disorder.

Chernobyl has not been associated with adverse effects making it the most favorable weed strain to be smoked for new and regular smokers and also due to its effectiveness in making users high and relieving pain. Several effects have been noted but occur mildly and include dehydration accompanied by a dry mouth, eyes may also become dry and itchy during smoking. Rarely has there been incidents of paranoia, anxiety and dizziness. 

A Chernobyl farmer does not experience much difficulty in growing the cuttings or seeds of this sativa dominant strain. The weed can flower at 7 weeks in conducive environment and an utmost of 9 weeks and has best yields outdoors in warm environment. Chernobyl plant can yield from 1 to 3 ounces per square feet upon harvesting. The shortest plant has been recorded to have a height of 30 inches and a maximum height of 78 inches which demands for support upon flowering. The strain has an optimal stretch of up to 200% and therefore this plant will demand a lot of space. 


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