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Cinderella 99 (AAA)

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Indica % Sativa %
Purity / Potency
Pain Relief

85% Sativa / 15% Indica

Cinderella 99 cannabis strain also referred to as C99 is a sativa dominant hybrid, famously lauded for its cerebral high, soaring yields and fruity flavor. The strain was first developed by Mr. Soul who engineered the Jack Herer strain he bought at a coffee shop in Amsterdam with Shiva Skunk strain. The supper potent strain grows at a fast rate of about forty-five days, maturing in a long, thick central cola, green in color with orange pistils. It produces a fruity flavor of citrus fruits, grapefruits, and pineapple. Its head rush effect coupled with dreamy and uplifting impacts provide medical benefits, positive effects while also predisposing its users to negative consequences. 

The C99 strain is prevalent in the medical marijuana division due to various medicinal benefits. The strain primarily helps in the treatment of stress by providing a high that elicits strong relaxation properties enabling a person’s worries and concerns to melt away, while comforting and clearing the user’s head. Second, it treats depression by enhancing the functioning of the endocannabinoid system causing the altering of the mood and development of positive energy. Third, it relieves pain by THC producing pain relieving and inflammation relieving properties that enable the endocannabinoid system to soothe the body off the pain. Fourth, it treats lack of appetite by the THC content motivating receptors in the brain to release hormones that accentuate appetite, causing people to eat. Fifth, it combats fatigue through its strong mental high boosting a user’s energy, and focus, making one conduct their activities without getting tired. 

The C99 strain is favorite for various positive effects. First, it makes a user happy by THC binding receptors in the brain causing them to produce signals that elicits blissfulness and happiness while replenishing the depressed parts of the brain inducing laughter, joy, and contentment. Second, it creates euphoria by its high creating a buzz that makes one enthusiastic, happy, relaxed and promotes wellness. Third, it is useful in uplifting a user through the production of the dopamine hormone that makes one feel good and foster positivism. Fourth, it makes a user feel energetic by its high mental rush providing a rush of energy that revitalizes the body and awakens the mind. Fifth, the strain relaxes one by availing a light body high that makes a user’s body float in the atmosphere, relieve the mind of worry, thoughts, and clutter thus, giving the body energy to combat tension.

Negative effects occasion with the use of the C99. The most prevalent adverse effect is the dry mouth. The condition occurs when THC binds receptors in the glands breaking down their effective communication with the nervous system and leading to failure of the glands to produce saliva when absent in the mouth. Eyes also experience dryness with use of this strain. It occurs due to irritation emanating from the smoke emitted during the burning of the strain and due to the meddling of THC on the receptors in the eyes inhibiting the production of tears. It also leads to paranoia whereby it alters the negative thoughts and worries people hold in their minds making them appear as reality thereby inducing paranoia. It also stimulates anxiety by optimizing the function of the brain causing the amplification of one’s fears, making them unmanageable thus, causing distress. Finally, continuous use of this strain induces headaches as the body becomes dehydrated due to depletion of water from the body. 

In conclusion, the head rush associated with Cinderella 99 strain creates numerous positive effects for a user, as well as, offering medical benefits. Nevertheless, its increased consumption leads to negative outcomes. Thus, restraint is necessary.

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Scott T - 13/04/2019

A super nice and light sativa. I have already tried a few and this one, surprisingly is pretty cheap but a truly high quality and potent.

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