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Strain Name: CBD Critical Mass Cannabis Strain

Dominant Strain: Indica-dominant at 80% Indica / 20% Sativa.

Brief History: Created by Mr. Nice Seed Bank, CBD Critical Mass is aptly named. It is famous for producing a “critical mass” of extra large, dense buds. Some growers even say that the branches often snap in two due to the buds’ heavy weight.

CBD Critical Mass is a cross between two legendary parent strains. You have the vintage Afghani Indica strain crossed with the equally popular Skunk #1. The offspring of these all-time favorites is
Critical Mass, a strain that inherited all the best qualities of its parent strains.

CBD Critical Mass is known for its powerful relaxing effects. It is highly popular among new and experienced users alike. It provides a smooth, aromatic and flavorful smoke and, at the same time,
provides numerous therapeutic benefits.

Distinguishing Features: CBD Critical Mass has extra large dark green buds interspersed with brownish-orange hairs. Each nugget is coated with a layer of frosty-white trichomes. The leaves are broad and dark green in color.

Cannabinoid and Terpene Profile: CBD Critical Mass has a potent THC level and a high CBD level

Its terpene profile includes pinene, humulene, and myrcene. It also has linalool, caryophyllene, limonene, and terpinolene.

Flavors/Aroma: CBD Critical Mass has one of the most refreshing aromas and flavors. It smells skunky, pungent, and earthy with robust hints of citrus and sweet honey. It tastes just as divine with its skunky, sweet taste and undertones of honey and citrus.

Effects: An Indica-dominant strain, CBD Critical Mass’ effects are mostly physical. You will first feel a potent relaxing effect that will spread from your core to your limbs. It will make you feel sleepy, sedated, and lazy. However, this effect won’t alter your mental clarity. In fact, you will feel your focus, creativity, and concentration improving as your mind starts to rid itself of worries and stress.

The relaxing effect continues all throughout the high as your mood starts improving. You will feel your mood improve, leaving you happier and euphoric albeit a little lazy and sleepy. You
will also feel all your body aches and pain gently fall away, leaving you pain-free, calm, and soothed.

Don’t’ be fooled by its mellow effects though. The lazy and sleepy feeling oftentimes progress to a couch lock even if you have only had a small dose. This, in turn, can turn into a deep slumber.

Medical Conditions: CBD Critical Mass is one of the best evening strains. After a hard day filled with stress and anxiety, a small dose of Critical Mass can uplift your spirit while relaxing your tired mind and body at the same time. It will also clear your mind and allow you to focus on what needs to be done before the day ends. A few more tokes and you’re off to one of the best sleeps you’ll ever have.

These effects can benefit patients with hyperactivity problems like ADD/ADHD. It can also benefit patients with mood disorders like depression, chronic stress, and anxiety disorders. Since it can
promote sleep, people with insomnia and other sleep problems may also find this strain beneficial.

CBD Critical Mass is a pretty strong painkiller. It can decrease pain caused by joint problems like arthritis and low back pain. It can also ease muscle pain and soreness. Critical Mass can also control chronic pain and fatigue caused by fibromyalgia.

Critical Mass is also known to control nausea and chronic inflammation.

Where to Buy: If you’re looking for CBD Critical Mass online, you can purchase them from bestpotdelivery.com, a known and trusted online weed provider that always provides fresh and premium-grade CBD Critical Mass.

7 reviews for CBD Critical Mass (AAA)

  1. Dina Saleem

    I got critical mass as a free sample in my order. Doctors recommended Hybirds for my arthritis, depression and anxiety. This stain does not cause serious high and kept me going. Best ever for having to manage the pain while running chores and raising kids without looking high.

    I strongly recommend it.
    Fyi, I only use a salt shake amount and smoke it in one puff. This stuff is very strong so if you are looking to alternate pharmaceutical drugs for natural resources I strong recommend going for 1 puff (end of day) or before bed

  2. Heather Price

    Absolutely love this strain. I suffer from chronic pain and this stuff is definitely a nice bedtime smoke

  3. Qualified Sampler

    It is definitely an honest to goodness well balanced go anywhere, anytime – safe strain and priced right . Very smooth when vaporized.

  4. BIG C

    this is a proper product eases all my lower back pain

  5. Chelsea Andersen

    I love this strain!!! I cannot tolerate any other strains other than this. First off, it’s smooth when inhaling, also, it knocks me out completely even when I think I can’t sleep, it takes away my discomfort from my stomach (undiagnosed stomach condition), and relaxes me and takes away my anxiety! I love this. Will be buying all the time

  6. Oligo

    The quality is good, the look is good but not amazing. But I think it’s the best high I never had. It was very smooth. You fell like namaste!

  7. pu1vdc

    it works

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