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Death Bubba (AAAA)

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Death Bubba marijuana is a hybrid strain that’s Indica dominant at 70% Indica / 30% Sativa ratio. It has a high THC level that ranges between 25% and 27%. Death Bubba was created by combining Bubba Kush and Death Star.

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Death Bubba Cannabis Strain is a hybrid of two separate indica strains, Bubba Kush and Death Star, where it takes its name from. This hybrid was bred in British Columbian and so is considered to be native to there. Ideal for an indoor grow due to its smaller size, nonetheless the smell can be quite pungent, so take appropriate precautions when growing (use adequate ventilation), and make sure to follow certain procedures to avoid your products contaminating each other and other products besides. People report that the herb itself smells like grass and very much like cannabis, while the smoke itself has a sweet and earthy scent which is very enjoyable.

The double indica which makes up Death Bubba means that its primary symptom is relaxation - which occurs very quickly – with happiness and sleepiness being the next most common effects. Because of this, doctors recommend this strain of cannabis to many patients who complain of insomnia, as well as those who have depression and stress. It can also be used to treat pain, and (to some extent) a lack of appetite.

The effects of this strain occur quite quickly due to the strength of the active ingredients. Many people can find this rather overwhelming, so be careful when using it, and try to avoid having anything important to do in the meantime. While it is often used for a lack of appetite, people have reported that it isn’t so much that they gain appetite as they lose blocks to eating.


Buyer - 26/02/2019

in a few words: fantastic, colorful, impressive, fun, happy and fulfilled. I will go for 28 g next time!

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