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Dutch Treat

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Dutch treat strain is an indica-dominant cross with a 20:80 ratio of sativa and indica. It is considerably an Amsterdam staple used by numerous individuals all over the world. As perceived, it is a well-balanced marijuana mixture and it is one of the most effective and fastest hitting strains available. It prominently offers a solid high with THC levels reaching to the percent of 18. It was originally cultivated specifically in Pacific Northwest but now it is most popular in Amsterdam. Moreover, it has been viewed that Dutch treat strain is a strong strain which exceptionally offers some physical benefits alongside its psychoactivity. Despite its indica dominance, Dutch Treats’ buds are more sativa in appearance: they are tapered and conical rather than round, and their leaves are more wispy and soft than densely packed. The leaves themselves are a dark green with golden and yellow pistils underneath a thick coating of trichomes. However, because of their high resin content and loose bud structure, buds of Dutch treat may prove difficult to break apart for a pipe or a joint if a person is not using a grinder. 

The aroma of this strain, while pleasant, is not particularly memorable or pungent. Cured buds have a muted woodsy smell of cedar and pine accented by some nonspecific citrus sweetness. The smoke is surprisingly smooth and has the taste of herbs and more pine. Additionally, this particular strain is available in three different flavors such as earthy, sweet and citrus. It smells like eucalyptus and has a sweet, earthy pine flavor. Users should be mindful of the dose to avoid paranoia and as observed this marijuana strain is good for day and evening time recreational and medical use. Dutch Treat strain is also available in three different flavors as sweet, earthy and pine. All three flavors are purchased and liked by its common users. Thus, it is mostly liked by the majority of the population because of its intense smell and its wonders in relaxing the body. 

Medical: Positive and Negative Effects 

There is a number of positive and negative effects of Dutch Treat strain from a medical perspective. This strain hits the user quickly, with a euphoric head rush. Rather than cerebral stimulation, Dutch Treat brings emotional uplift that lends itself to sociability and some talkativeness. The head high soon gives way to a wash of physical relaxation. Those same initial cerebral effects might skew towards laziness or sleepiness as the high signs of progress. Users may experience some lethargy and, with higher doses, intractable couch lock. Aside from Dutch Treat’s ability to ease tension, the strain’s small amounts of CBD have been said to provide relief from chronic pain, nausea, and insomnia, as well as from mental afflictions like anxiety, PTSD, and attention deficit disorders. Common negative side effects include red, dry eyes and persistent dry mouth. Dutch treat’s slowly creeping body high makes it better suited to nighttime use.

Consuming a small amount will go a long way, its highness lasts up to two hours, pending individual tolerance. Dutch Treat is a good strain for relaxing, but not necessarily for being productive or socializing its indica leanings qualify this as an evening to nighttime strain. Dutch Treat’s CBD content also makes it beneficial for medicating conditions involving chronic pain and digestion. Marijuana strain induces uplifting cerebral euphoria followed by body relaxation. Boosts energy, prompts giggles and social interactions. Relaxes the body relieves stress and controls pain. May trigger laziness and couch lock. In addition, from a medical point of view, it can be stated that Dutch Treat significantly helps in reducing an individual’s stress, depression, inflammation, fatigue, and pain. 


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