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Feminized Seeds

Feminised cannabis seeds are seeds which are produced with the idea of growing a specifically female marijuana plant. In our store, we promise to have only high quality marijuana feminised seeds online for sale, to ensure a good quality of service.

To make your order of feminised marijuana seeds in Canada, you need to be absolutely of what you need and want. The descriptions of all our seeds are very clear in what they are, and what they do, and what conditions they thrive in. pay attention to the descriptions, and you will find what you need on our site. Be warned that, while we do stock many different varieties of seeds, if you need them in larger quantities, you may need to wait for us to get hold of enough of them to fill your order.

Mail order costs the price of the cheap feminised weed seeds, plus postage and packaging. Payment from our site is easy; we support a number of different payment methods, and you can use whichever is most comfortable for you. The cost obviously changes from seeds to seed, particularly if you are buying a larger amount, but we are particularly cheap when it comes to buying weed, so the cost should be minimal compared to what you might pay elsewhere.

We make sure to pack all of our seeds in such a way as to keep them from being damaged as much as possible. This also goes along with our packaging to be as discreet as possible, in the vein of helping our customers to maintain their privacy. We try to maintain packaging which will help to keep the seeds fresh.

Shipping of seeds is generally not a problem, unless our customers ask for a particular amount which we need to gather first. The shipping of your seeds will cost more the farther it has to go, but that is true of all postage – and also for signed delivery.

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