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Godzilla (AAAA)

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Buy this 100% pure Indica cannabis strain, Godzilla marijuana has a moderate level of THC that ranges anywhere between 15% and 18%. This strain was created by Caña de España and its genetic makeup can be traced back to the God Bud.

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100% pure Indica

This is a pure cannabis indica strain of God buds family bred in Cana de Espana and its name, Godzilla, is from its high potency level and a lasting ecstatic effect of about four hours. The short and bushy plant has very large, fluffy and chunky green buds with hues of purple. It was created for hot climate weathers and grows slowly in cold latitudes. At onset, the weed has a blueberry and cherry scent and vanilla scent can be felt too. It has an earthly and citric flavor when grounded and a hint of vanilla when exhaled and the smoke is rather smooth. The THC – the intoxicant in weed- levels of Godzilla weed is 18% on the higher end and 15% on the lower end.  It takes a range of 7 to 12 weeks to grow with an average of 55 days in an indoor set up.

The effect of this weed to a smoker is slow and long lasting starting with a transcending feeling with muscles loosening up and one ends up feeling clear headed and blissful. Because of the high potency level it’s best not to smoke Godzilla Cannabis Strain before handling tedious tasks or before a day begins unless one needs a rest and to relax. 

Godzilla weed gives its smokers an impeccably euphoric, happy, uplifting and relaxing feeling, logic and cognition becomes reduced. It is used by patients to manage gastrointestinal problems, migraines, insomnia as it has a sleepy effect, anxiety and chronic pain from conditions such as arthritis.


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