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M-39 (AAAAA)

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A cross between Skunk #1 and Northern Lights, M-39 weed is an Indica-dominant strain at 60% Indica / 40% Sativa with a 20% THC level. M-39 is considered one of the oldest types of cannabis strains that originated in Canada

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M-39 cannabis also called ‘beasters’ because of its high yields has its origins from Canada and found its way in the United States in the early 1990s. It is the weakest of the skunk progeny and a hybrid between Skunk No.5 and Northern Lights No. 5 making it among the cheapest of weed strain. It is easy to grow and does so well when grown indoors and it can be harvested in 8 weeks. M-39 weed has medium sized buds covered with yellow hair and the plant resembles pine trees color with lime green flowers. The hallmark of this strain is in its smell describing a wet carpet and when burnt it smells like a burning rope. It has been considered to be the oldest strain in Canada.

All skunk strains are hybrids of both indica and sativa while Northern lights is an indica strain making this M-39 strain more of an Indica. It doesn’t fall high in terms of potency and for years this weed has just been used for commercial purposes only especially for smokers who don’t like it strong. It has a taste like that of a fruit especially lemon. This strain expands its branches therefore demanding a lot of space between the plants and has a yield of about 14 ounces in every square meter.

This weed gives the smoker a euphoric feeling, happy, sleepy and the northern lights in it makes it good for relaxing and boosting up appetite. It alleviates the symptoms of bipolar disorder, pain, depression, insomnia, lost appetite and fatigue.


Ezzz - 11/03/2019

Very random choice this was for me. It took me to another universe) a great cannabis this is, will buy again!

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