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Marijuana in Montreal

9 Pound Hammer (AAAA)
CAD 10.50

Dominant Strain: Indica-dominant at 80% Indica / 20% Sativa.Brief History: 9 Pound Hammer was crea..

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Afghan Kush (AAAA)
CAD 10.50

Strain Name: Afghan KushDominant Strain: Pure, 100% Indica strain.Brief History: Afghan Kush orig..

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Afgoo aka Afgooey (AAAA)
CAD 10.50

Strain Name: Afgoo, also called AfgooeyDominant Strain: Indica-dominant at 80% Indica / 20% Sativa..

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Agent Orange (AAAAA)
CAD 12.50

    When weed lovers describe a strain of weed with the capabilities of uplifti..

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Afghani (AAAA) Sold out
Afghani (AAAA)
CAD 10.00

Strain Name: AfghaniDominant Strain: Pure, 100% Indica.Brief History: Afghani is considered one of t..

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Where to Buy Marijuana in Montreal

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada, it will be easier for marijuana patients and recreational users to buy marijuana in Montreal. However, unlike other provinces, you cannot grow your own crops in Quebec.

Although federal law allows Canadians to grow up to four plants, growing marijuana for personal use is prohibited in Quebec. You can only purchase cannabis in Montreal from a licensed marijuana dispensary in Montreal.

You can also order marijuana online. Some online weed shops provide weed delivery within Montreal. In just a day or two, your package will be delivered to your preferred address.

Marijuana offers many therapeutic benefits, and one of the popular ways of using marijuana is by smoking it.

Why do people smoke marijuana?

Medically, smoking marijuana offers the fastest results. In just a few minutes, you will start feeling marijuana’s therapeutic effects. You will feel happier and more relaxed, and all your aches and pains will melt away. Smoking marijuana, unlike ingestion, bypasses the gastrointestinal system as well as the liver. This allows faster absorption of the cannabinoids, so you’ll feel the therapeutic effects quickly.

Recreationally, smoking marijuana is a bit therapeutic. There’s something relaxing about the whole ritual – from preparing the materials, rolling the paper, to taking the first deep hit. Depending on the strain your smoking, it can produce a deeply calming effect, an invigorating effect, or a mix of both.

Is it possible to buy marijuana in Montreal?

Yes, you can buy marijuana in Montreal, provided you’re of the legal age of 18 or older. You can purchase them from a licensed marijuana dispensary in Montreal. Or you can order them online and take advantage of the online shop’s weed delivery within Montreal.

There are some restrictions though, and you should be aware of that. For one, Quebec’s cannabis laws allow you to possess and buy only about 30 grams of marijuana. Two, should you have children at home, you must keep your marijuana in a safe place where your children can’t get it. Should you get caught leaving it in an unsafe place, you will be fined.

You can smoke cannabis in Montreal in the privacy of your own home. However, if you’re renting the place, then you have to abide by your landlord’s rules reading marijuana use on the property.

Why you should buy marijuana at our online weed store?

If you’re thinking of buying cannabis online, then choose the online weed shop carefully. Make sure that their products have been tested by professional third parties to assure you of their safety and quality.

Bestpot.ca is considered one of the leading online weed shops, catering to thousands of satisfied clients. We offer both medical and recreational marijuana products. For your chronic pain and other symptoms, we have a good selection of CBD oil, vape oils, pre-rolls, and concentrates to choose from.

For recreational marijuana, we offer you different types of premium-grade marijuana strains. We have Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains that will delight your senses.

Our customer support can be reached 24/7. So for any questions about our products, simply drop us a line or give our number a call. A representative will always be ready to answer your questions.

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