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PK Kush (AAAA)

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PK Kush Cannabis Strain is a pure and 100% Indica strain. Its genetic makeup can be traced back to two popular parent strains – Purple Afghani and Hindu Kush. PK Kush has 17% to 22% THC levels and 0.07% to 0.1% CBD content

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PK Kush Cannabis Strain is a pure and 100% Indica strain

Purple Kush weed has purple colored leaves with dense buds and mainly grows in Oakland, California and is breed between purple Hindu Kush Afghani which gives the strain the purple due to cold weather, the color makes it eye catching and easy to identify from other strains. Purple Kush is a cannabis indica strain known for its relaxing effect but not very suitable for first time smokers. It has THC content levels ranging between 17% to 27% and CBD level of 0.007% to 0.1% which are very low. 

The flowers are medium sized covered with trichomes and tightly growing buds. It has a woody smell that grows into a fruity flavor and a sweet grape aroma when smoked. The stout and bushy plant achieves a height of 3 feet and indoor growth allows for controlled environment and takes about 8 weeks to flower and is ready for harvesting in late September when grown outdoor. It’s resistant to disease and affordable making it a common and valuable weed strain.

Its best fit for treating anxiety and depression because of its anxiolytic factors. The weed has a body high and relaxation effect which helps relieve chronic pains caused by sprains, fibromyalgia, headaches, lower back pains and strained muscles. The relaxing effect also makes the strain fit for treating insomnia. The weed’s euphoric and calming effect rather than stimulation and anxiety lasting for about 3 hours and promotes calmness and peace, treating ADHD and panic disorders. Additionally, Purple Kush boosts up appetite and proper digestion since the body is more relaxed. It is mostly smoked but can also be consumed as an edible or vaporized. 


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