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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (AAAA)

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Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain is a three-way cross of Durban Poison, OG Kush, and a third but unknown strain. This strain is an even hybrid strain at 50% Sativa / 50% Indica with 18% to 25% THC and 1% CBD.

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Platinum GSC strain, previously known as platinum Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain of marijuana from the lineage of Girl Scout Cookies. The strain, which is award-winning came about through the cross of OG Kush, Durban Poison and another unknown strain producing a potent hybrid strain. Its THC levels go up to 28 percent, making it among the most potent strains of marijuana in the market, providing a strong high favorable for individuals sick with nausea, swelling, headaches and stress, melting away worry, uplifting the user’s mood and sedating them. The strain with a mossy-colored bud, deep purple pops and green leaves fill a user’s nose with berry, candy and fruity flavors assuring one of fun. The strain has medical benefits, positive effects and negative consequences as discussed below.  

The platinum GSC strain provides medical benefits. The first healing effect is stress relief. It achieves this by affecting the endocannabinoid system making it release chemicals that eliminate tension and pressures one is experiencing and inducing relaxation. Second, the strain relieves pain through HTC influencing the working of receptors in the endocannabinoid system that regulates pain and helping them ease pain and loosen up the body. Three, it treats depression by producing chemical compounds that increase the production of endocannabinoid thereby restoring the normal functioning of the body and the eliminating depression symptoms. Four, it treats lack of appetite by inducing the hunger hormone that makes an individual’s metabolism to work quickly causing one to develop the munchies. Five, the strain also treat headaches by producing cannabinoids properties that travel to the brain and alter the operation of receptors that regulate pain, calming them down and relieving pain. 

The platinum GSC cannabis offers positive benefits. One it makes a user relaxed. The strain does so through HTC facilitating the production of dopamine hormones that release tension from the body and clears the mind. Two, it elicits a happy experience by melting away problems, thoughts and fears and inciting happiness and joy. Three, it uplifts a user by facilitating the increased production of the feel-good hormone that provides a surge of energy and creates a buzz that leaves one joyous and contented. Four, it creates a euphoria once THC enters the bloodstream creating feelings of comfort and contentment. Five, it makes one talkative. The intense high that comes with smoking or ingesting the strain increases a user’s energy and raises their spirit, making them engage in endless talk and conversation without getting tired.

The platinum GSC weed predisposes its users to various adverse effects. One, a user is likely to suffer from a dry mouth due to THC altering the functioning of receptors in the mouth, limiting their communication with the salivary glands and subsequently causing the glands to fail to produce saliva. Two, dry eyes occur emanating from the failure by eye glands to produce tears, due to THC interfering with the functioning of its receptors. Three, headaches are another consequence that occurs due to HTC reaching the brain and altering the functioning of the brain organs that regulate pain thereby leading to the development of headaches. Four, it causes dizzy spells by increasing the blood pressure of a user and decreasing the blood flow to the heart, causing a deficiency that causes temporary weakness of the body. Also, the strain induces anxiety by altering the brain system that controls emotions and fear by introducing THC chemicals that magnify the otherwise manageable fear. 

In conclusion, the platinum GSC strain is both beneficial and detrimental to a user’s health. Thus, one should enjoy it in minimal amounts to reap its benefits. 


Chen - 03/06/2018

I purchased it from best pot - they shipped it. like the next day I had it and got pretty high. I have not smoked for a few month so it is kind of hard to come to a conclusion but it is very strong. The more I smoke it - the better it gets! I was relaxed, happy, euphoric, up-lifted, high!

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