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Purple Chemo (AAAA)

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A 100% pure Indica strain, Purple Chemo Cannabis Strain is a cross between two pure Indica strains that are equally popular. You have the UBC Chemo as well as the Purple Kush. Purple Chemo has a potent THC level of about 22%

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A 100% pure Indica strain

Purple chemo cannabis is a hybrid between Purple Kush and UBC chemo getting its name from the two parents, the two strains are pure Cannabis Indica. The UBC chemo was developed in the 1975 to help alleviate the effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. The buds of this strain grown in tight knits and are quite potent. The weed plant has a crystal bling and a hue of purple and the leaves have a medium density. The smoke is thick with a consistent burn and its taste inclines more to the purple Kush strain of sweet and earthly taste generally having a fruity, earthy and sweet taste. Purple chemo gives the smoker a highly potent and relaxing effect from the UBC chemo and good from Purple Kush, a blissful effect and good flavors. This strains has more of its attributes from Purple Kush considered the strongest weed on the list therefore making purple chemo fairly strong.

The UBC chemo part of this strain makes it good for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy since it helps alleviate pain as well as lack of sleep and nausea. The UBC chemo gives this strain pain relieving attributes both to the body and mind. The weed having a strong high is best used for relaxing or in the evening. On smoking, the user feels the ecstasy with a speed and a crush at the same time. Smokers who need breakthrough concentration can use purple chemo weed. When exhaled the user will feel a punch in the eyes and the nose.


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